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January 18, 2011
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Frosty Dawn by Amirah-the-cat Frosty Dawn by Amirah-the-cat
Hmm...It was more detailed in mah head D':

But well, I need to be positive! I think it turned out well, and I especially hope ~tornadothevulture22 thinks too (:

This is a full detailed commission for him~ And looong waited:XD: Forgive me about that õ.õ I'm just slowly.
But thanks for the points! Btw. I raised the prices on my :points: commissions, so you've been lucky ~tornadothevulture22:XD:
But I hope I made it okay ^^; I've been thinking a lot about their poses. But it was quite funny although it took a lot of time:lol: And while I was making the scales, I got a super idea for a dragon design! Totally unique~Thanks for that!Hah
I think that they're laying on a kind of hill, which's covered by snow xD (+ it's snowing:paranoid:) And the snow totally drived me crazy ¬.¬ And it's actually possible to see on the result... I'm just bad at realism~
This is kind of a Semi-realism picture(The characters is supposed to be adults ^^; I tried ^^ And btw. Thanks to you ~darkdra for telling me that I should try this Semi-realism thing out x3 Very funny~

Anyway, enjoin! *Now back to the next comic page*

Only ~tornadothevulture22 is allowed to use this !
Made with: Gimp and tablet

Art© Me
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Vision: It doesn't take long for the theme of this image to get through. "Fire & Ice" comes to mind very quickly. I shouldn't need to go into much detail here regarding its rating.

Originality: Having done a search on google entailing "Fire and ice dragons" many, many images come up. Looking at the images and comparing them to this however, one difference is made quite clear. Fire and ice, as separate elements oppose each other, in this picture they are very much much united.

Cant tell if its friendship or love, but its definitely some sort of unity, that of which would melt anybodys ice hardened heart... :)

Due to the themes relatively low originality, but a different take on this theme, I bumped you up from 2 stars.

Technique: Well now this artist does indeed have skill, as seen and applied to in their art. The snow, grass, trees, the detail and those colors. Everything mingles pretty nicely, the only things I'd pass disapproval on would be the horns going up the males back, the thickness of the necklace going around the ness'es neck, and one other thing... I've noticed a lack of arms or paws on either character. I see shoulders, but nothing coming out of them! Looking at the males right shoulder, its positioned in such a way that its hard to imagine his arm is positioned on / over the female behind his wing.

Minor yes, but I cant help but bring that disparity, and the others, to light. Im torn between a 3.5 and a 4... I think the saving throw might be in the finer details...

Impact: I feel a sense of love and warmth radiating from this picture. Am I amazed, to be honest, no. I've seen many pictures of dragons, all varying in their skills and talents. While it is great, I'm not "blown away" as one might put it, but someone who hasn't viewed this image, or seen what I've seen over the years might be more impressed. I'll give it an above average rating.

Cant really think of much else I can include really... Great job!
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WarriorsloverXD Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really beautiful PIC.:3><

^ ^
Amirah-the-cat Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Student
Thank you:aww:
scnurcen Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011   Writer
I like it :)
Amirah-the-cat Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011  Student
Glad u do!:aww:
scnurcen Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011   Writer
Very romantic. I wish I could draw but the only reason I sighned up was so that I could review.
4Death Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
I love the lighting to this. :thumbsup:
Gamerdragon1992 Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Student
This is just fantastic
trencik Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do I have to pay you for a drawing of me [link] with Silver [link] ?:? Or do I have to draw somethink?:D
Because you draw so awsome and I jut want to have a pic from you.:iconilavplz:
Amirah-the-cat Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011  Student
Well, I'm only open for money-commisisons atm. ^^;
But I'm really honored about you want a drawing from me, and you think i draw awesome:blush: Thanks a lot!
trencik Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaaaawwww.Every time I ask someone to draw me somethink,then he(she) doesn´t take requests or wants to to pay,I am just unlucky.:crying:
And you´re welcome.;)
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