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I want to upgrade my old wacom, as I intend to start studying animation and concept illustration etc. within the next couple of years (I will graduate in june 2015).

I think I'll go for a Cintiq Companion or a Cintiq 22HD (kinda same price). But I have some doubts that I would like to get some advice on before purchasing one - prefferably from people who has experience with either or both Cintiqs.

I am currently a Mac Book (13inch) user, and 3 years ago I purchased PS5 Mac version (very expensive). I've been kinda fustrated that the PS version only works for a Mac software, since the Wacom Companion runs Windows. But also, I have always wanted to try SAI, and a Companion will make that possible + the portability of a Copanion would be useful for school too, though I do have a Mac that works. On the other hand the 22HD just seems perfect for a tablet itself - expect the fact that it is heavy stuff -giving the most natural sense of drawing digital.
I am seeking some advice on whether to buy a Companion or a 22HD (no-touch), if my wish is to create proffesional art and work in the industry of Dreamworks as a concept artist/designer (as an example).
I know the Cintiqs are two different devices, but I would like to hear which one you'd go for, if you got the choice, or just what pros/cons on the Cintiq you've worked with. 

All considered:
- which do you prefer, if you can tell? (Lately I've see people with a big Cintiq buying a Companion, but would like to know why and which they (you) prefer)
- Should I quit the idea of SAI and stick to my Photoshop? 
- Is the 22HD Touch way better than 22HD/ will i regret to nog buy the touch?
- When used to a 13iches screen, is 22 is too much/ is 13 too small for drawing?

If you had 2000$ to spend on either a companion or a 22HD, which would you rather chose?

I'd be grateful for some advice.
Warning:don't watch me if you're only looking for Spyro and dragons!!..Spyro means as much to me as a random potato. I'm no more an artist drawing just to please her audience, sorry.

And there's no Amirah. Call me Muzli, Amalie or at least Ling.

Dear watchers, I cannot hide that I'm grateful for all you've given me.
I've had a great time here, but lately I've been very very inactive because of a lack of motivation - and school, of course!
No big deal...

But I have finally decided to make up another account. I'm not leaving this one, but I'm getting tired of drawing stuff I don't even like...
I rly doubted whether I should publish my new account or not. But I do not intent to let you down after what you've given me. So I give you the opportunity to follow my new account. But as I said in the warning, if you're a dragon "fan", there's no reason for you to watch me on my new account. And there's no Amirah / Amie etc.

So if you're interested in randomness with less seriousness and more fun, you can watch my new account: Muzli 
I'll hopeful upload some random sh*t very soon :3

This account is now slightly dying...byez~

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